When I think about my future the only thing that comes to mind is caring for people ~ Taylor Lainhart

Taylor’s To Do List

Taylor’s To Do List is an organization started by Taylor’s family and friends to honor her life; a life that was taken from us all way too soon in a very tragic way. Taylor was involved in an accident on June 24, 2015 where she suffered severe internal injuries and head trauma, resulting in her death. Taylor was the passenger on the back of a motorcycle driven by her fiancé that was struck by a drunk driver. Taylor was just 18 when she passed away. Taylor was an amazing young lady that had a spark about her. Her personality was inspiring and she had a smile that could light up any room. She was always thinking of others and putting their needs before her own. Taylor was very involved in school, especially in HOSA. She loved to read and adored children.

Through this organization, we plan to raise awareness against drunk/drugged driving, underage drinking, and drug abuse. Students and friends of Taylor will be speaking to high school and middle school students expressing their concerns on these cases and sharing their own personal stories.

This organization will also provide scholarships for one senior in Lee County and a member of HOSA. We will also be purchasing library books in Taylor’s memory for the schools in Lee County and donations will be made to our local Tree of Love for Christmas gifts for children in Lee County. These are just a few of the things we are planning on doing in Taylor’s memory.

The most important thing that this organization wishes to do is to keep Taylor’s memory alive and to bring awareness to drunk/drugged driving and the dangers and devastation it causes.