About Taylor

IMG_2777If you didn’t know Taylor Lainhart let me tell you a little about her.

Have you ever walked outside on a beautiful day and a smile came to your face automatically, have you ever seen something that brings a peace over you or have you ever just seen someone walk into a room that it made everyone stop and take a breath?  This was Taylor Lainhart.

She had a heart that held so much love from the little ones at the daycare center which she worked to the elderly that need constant care or where at the end of their lives in the geriatric center where she was beginning her career.  Everyone loved her so, just because of her ability to show the world kindness and love looked like.

We will never see Taylor again in the earthly world but the spirit that she has left will never be taken from us.  She reminds us to be kind to one another and to love and do for others that cant do for themselves.  It’s a tragic loss that our community faced after losing a beautiful young lady that was just approaching her adult life.