When someone is gone, it’s easy for us to remember all the good things about them that we never noticed before or things we took for granted. But with Taylor, I think we always knew. It didn’t take her passing for us to realize how amazing she really was. She exemplified everything that true beauty should be. Her heart was pure and held so much love for those around her. She had a contagious laugh, and her smile was like that one star left in the darkest of nights; it lit up the room and gave us all something to hold on to when we were having a bad day.

Taylor will always be one of the most selfless people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, and this world is truly a darker place without her. However, earthly things are temporary and I take comfort in knowing that I will see Taylor someday, her smile will light up my world once again, and every hole that this tragedy has made will be filled with her laughter and love.